45 Live – Celebrating 45 dj culture worldwide


A brand new showcase putting some of the best 45 spinners on the planet is taking place with “45 Live”.  Experienced seven inche slingers Pete Isaac (jelly Jazz) and Scott Hendy (Boca 45) have teamed up  to create a community community that brings together Southampton’s own Dj Format alongside the best in the business , Marc Hype, Dj Suspect, Ollie Teeba Andy Smith, DJ Food, Dom Servini, Greg Belson, Jstar, Monk-One, Shepdog and Smoove. Launching their first festival tent this year at Jelly Jazz in Cornwall and several other tour dates plan we expect to see the 45 game taken up to the next level. Hopefully we can work with these guys soon to put on a great show here in southampton. This is going to be a great hub for all things 7″!